About Šolski center Celje

The Secondary school of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Computing Engineering) is a part of a large school centre, named School Centre Celje, which is a modern educational centre educating for the economic needs of our local community. It prepares students for further studies at higher vocational colleges and at university. School centre Celje can trace its roots back to 1959. It began to educate students in two school programmes (civil engineering and mechanical engineering) under the name of Secondary Technical School Celje.

Solski Center Celje has: – over 3000 students every year in 30 programs – 800 higher students – over 1000 adults in the various programs of formal and informal education and training – 309 employees, most highly qualified teachers in various professional fields. Moreover, in the Solski Center Celje there are 11 specialized classrooms for teaching electronics, energetics, automatics and robotics. 6 of them belong to Secondary school for chemistry, electrical engineering and computer engineering. Others are under auspices of Secondary school for mechanical engineering, Mechatronics and Media and Higher Vocational College

The mission of Solski Center Celje is to ensure and provide students with a developmentally appropriate education in all the school programs and to ensure our teachers’ professionalism as well as the best educational conditions.