Empowering space data users

SPACE4GEO is the Large-scale Skills Partnership for the space sector dedicated to data, services and applications

A strategic ambition

Earth Observation and GNSS require a highly skilled workforce on different levels. Technical, managerial, academic and/or entrepreneurial skills need to be well balanced in current and future professionals’ profiles.

The SPACE4GEO Large-scale Skills Partnership, promoted under the EC initiative Pact for Skills, promote activities aimed to up-skilling and re-skilling the work force and attract new talents to target a career in the downstream space and geoinformation sector.

Join us now!

SPACE4GEO is open to all key stakeholders in the space downstream and geoinformation sector and beyond.

By joining the SPACE4GEO Alliance you will be able to:

  • Participate in key discussion panels at the EC level regarding skills development in the space domain.
  • Have timely information on open and upcoming skills development and capacity building related calls for funding of new projects and initiatives.

  • Participate in and contribute to education and training services developed under the SPACE4GEO Partnership.

  • Be part of a dynamic international partnership, open to collaboration also outside the EU.

  • Set-up strong transnational consortia to submit proposals for funding, ensuring that efforts are not duplicated or weakened.

  • Participate to tenders and procurements with the right partners.

Latest news and events

SPACE4GEO Newsletter #3

Marzo 11, 2024|News, Projects|

Read our latest Newsletter and learn about kicking off the new SpaceSUITE project that was held in Genoa, the VenetoStars challenge by Regione Veneto Digital Agenda, and our participation in the upcoming Pact for Skills Forum on the skills potential across Europe.

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