About Servicio Navarro de Empleo

The Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare (SNE) is an autonomous body that manages the employment policies of the Government of Navarre in an integrated manner, with the collaboration of the most representative trade union and business organisations in its organisation and operation.

SNE holds the competences attributed to the Administration of the Autonomous Community in relation to the planning, execution and control of employment policies, agreed with the social agents, through the coordinated management of the services and programmes established in relation to training for employment, vocational guidance, intermediation and advice to companies, job placement, employment promotion, advice for self-employment and entrepreneurship, labour promotion, equal opportunities and labour integration and the analysis of employment policies and the employment situation in Navarre.

Through the SNE’s employment portal, both unemployed and employed people and companies in Navarre have online access to most of the resources and services offered by this organisation, avoiding the need to visit employment offices.

The main services and resources that can be accessed online from the employment portal of the Navarre Employment Service are:


  • Courses for the unemployed and/or employed.
  • Courses for trainers and teachers.
  • Subsidised training for companies.
  • Certificates of professionalism.
  • Accreditation of work experience.


  • Publication and management of job offers.
  • Search for qualified workers for vacant positions.
  • Aid and advice for entrepreneurs.
  • Employment guidance.