About Planetek Hellas

Founded in 2006, in Athens (Greece), Planetek Hellas (www.planetek.gr) aims to replicate the successful approach to the market of the Group leader Planetek Italia s.r.l., whose applications and solutions are developed within the most important European programs in the field of space-related applications and integrated satellite systems for the management, analysis and sharing of land-related information.

Planetek Hellas is based in the premises of the newly born Space Cluster in Athens, which permits to the company to have access to the most advanced technological infrastructure of nowadays.

By building upon the experience of the mother company, Planetek Hellas managed to create a strong relation with various European Organizations such as the European Space Agency, the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency and others, since the beginning of its activities.

The Company provides solution-oriented services in the field of Geomatics, involving the use of EO data and systems for environmental & critical infrastructure monitoring, urban planning, civil protection and security.

Planetek has started the effort to build the expertise and know how to provide today at this level EO based Security operational services since the early 2005, when the European Commission initiated the attempt to prepare the European industrial capacity needed to operate later on the Copernicus services. In this context Planetek started with the participation as partner of the LIMES FP6 project (Land and sea integrated monitoring for European security) and enriched even further its relative know-how with the participation to the precursor/preparatory activities of the present Support to External Action (SEA) component of the Copernicus Security Service, G-Mosaic FP7 project (GMES services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for regional Crises) and G-NEXT FP7 project (GMES pre-operational security services for supporting external actions).

Planetek Hellas has been working the last years for the Counter Terrorism Unit of INTERPOL, under a contract with the European Space Agency, entitled “Earth Observation for Law Enforcement”, with the objective to provide comprehensive and contextual imagery intelligence analysis that combine EO data and open media sources, having been activated in Turkey, Mali, Mozambique, Albania, Lebanon, Libya and Chad already.

Finally, since 2019, Planetek Hellas has been also one of the few European EO companies to engage in the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP), working closely with the Ministries of Defense from seven EU Member States (Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Ireland) in the framework of the DECISMAR project (Development of a Decision Support Toolbox for enhancing the feasibility study of the Upgrade of Maritime Surveillance). For the above projects that fall within the last three years period you will find more details in the relevant provided documentation.

In connection to the Copernicus SEA service Planetek is very well informed since the very beginning. In the first contract (Phase I of Service Operations, 2017-2018), Planetek Hellas acted as a subcontractor to e-geos for the provision of relative services. In the competitive procedure for the renewal of the same contract (Phase II of Service Operations, 2018-2021) Planetek led a Consortium.