About Augustin Hébert Vocational Highschool

Augustin Hébert is a French high school dedicated to building trades located in Evreux in Normandy. Its vocational high school prepare students from 14 to 20 years old, for theoretical and practical studies, in class and during periods of internships in companies. The diplomas prepared are: the professional baccalaureate in three years in the fields of sustainable

construction, structural work or development, the study and numerical modelling of the building, energy efficiency and carpentry; the certificate of professional aptitude in two years (CAP): in building maintenance, metalwork, electricity and thermal installation.

The Augustin Hébert school also has a vocational college class (Year 10 pupil), a “ULIS” section, for students with disabilities in all our courses, a Pedagogical Unit for Allophone Students (15 students), a specific section for students who have dropped out of school.

From this year, Augustin Hébert has created a higher education section (BTS) for which we have applied for the ECHE charter.

It should be noted that 65% of the students have parents from the least advantaged professional social categories (unemployed or industrial workers). A large part of them can be considered as having the least opportunity to participate ininternational projects, and this is also why Augustin Hébert try to increase the number of these projects in the school.

Since 2 years, Augustin Hébert has been allowed to develop apprenticeship, currently with more than 15 apprentices in our high school and this will increase in the coming years.