About Learning Digital

Learningdigital (LD), established in 2016 and incorporated in Learningdigital limited company in 2020, develops innovative learning solutions in digital environments for corporate clients and educational providers.

LD operates as a Digital Competence Centre, empowering individuals and organizations in using new technologies in their learning and human resources management workflows.

LD supports companies and training providers in the adoption of microcredentials, by delivering web platforms issuing credentials as NFTs in blockchain.

Learningdigital counts over 3000 learners per year, mainly adults learners, accomplishing continuous professional development programmes. Learners range from private companies’ employees, sales force, youngsters in formal and non-formal education, public citizens.

In the field of entrepreneurship, in cooperation with Italian Public Agency for Micro-credit, LD has promoted a national network composed of 23 training providers active in and delivering entrepreneurial training.

In the field of teacher training and continuous professional development for trainers, LD develops educational resources and training provisions, in cooperation with the online university of the Italian Ministry of Education.

In the field of applied research, LD supports national and European institutions in the implementation of the pan-European projects looking at how to integrate new technologies to improve teaching and learning strategies.

In the domain of technology enabled learning, LD has been supporting CEDEFOP Working Group on Technologies for Teacher Training, aiming at promoting examples of good practices and providing the EC with recommendations on post-2020 programmes.

Staff members of LD have implemented over 50 transnational research and pilot projects, funded by DG GROW and its executive agency EASME (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) and DG EAC and its executive agency EACEA (Sector Skills Alliances, Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci).

LD will be able to make a big contribution to the success of the project because of his experience in innovative teaching, that is, in the creation of serious games and, more generally, in the application of gamification to educational activities. Another area where Learningdigital will be able to make a contribution is in “extended” learning environments with VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) or XR (extended reality).