About Latitudo40

Founded in 2017 by 4 space industry experts and image analysis gurus, Latitudo 40 has combined the 20 years of experience of the “aged” founders to the multidisciplinary and young team which has grown to over 10 people. The team has now artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing experts, UIX specialists and business development professionals. Our vision is to give easy access to satellite images for everyone.

Latitudo40 brings together data and algorithms from multiple sources and provide straightforward information to understand our planet from above.

From infrastructure monitoring, to precision agriculture and emergency response, Latitudo40 believes that understanding the pace of world changes will help to change it, in the right direction.

Latitudo40 is an Italian start-up that has developed innovative models for the analysis of environmental and climate risks in cities and for infrastructure management. The investments made have made it possible to make available a SaaS platform for the urban planning market (pattern analysis, risk identification, mitigation planning) and a simulator (based on generative AI) capable of simulating, through the use of synthetic satellite images, the impact of new urban renewal plans on risks. To facilitate the integration of spatial datasets, such as Land Surface Temperature, Greenery Health, Tree cover density, Urban Heat Island identification, Latitudo40 developed a geospatial data marketplace.