About this partner

Euronike is a not-for-profit association based in the Municipality of Rovereto, in the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy. Euronike’s structure is composed of its members and of a solid scientific committee that provides scientific supervision and supports the implementation of the association’s activities. The scientific committee includes many profiles and areas of expertise for example: University Professors and trainers, lawyer, Managers, engineer.

Euronike is especially active in the design of education as well as participative activities, focused on local development, science education and sustainability. Euronike is in charge of the training and capacity-building activities of the NextGenerationSiena project funded by NOP Governance involving the Municipality of Siena and 24 Municipalities of the Province with the aim to develop a strategic vision of local development.

Euronike is also coordinating, as Lead Partner, 2 projects funded by the Erasmus plus programme: the GIS4Schools project, focused on improving STEAM Education through the development and co-creation of new methodologies for teaching to and exploitation by pupils of GIS products related to climate impact on the local environment and the EUthmappers project aimed at introducing open and collaborative mapping in Secondary Schools in EU. Euronike is also coordinating the Evaluation and monitoring activities. Euronike is engaged in local projects with Schools and other local actors on Climate Change and Environment.