In 1956, a group of students in Aachen, Germany, observed an unstable situation of the Aerospace industry due to a lack of collaboration between this industry and bigger economic branches. After long discussions between students from Germany, France and the Netherlands, finally a solution could be achieved, this has been named “A good cooperation of aerospace and astronautic industries of different countries”. In addition, a vision of this group has been created: An association of all European Aerospace students could help to achieve this goal of a European cooperation.
During the celebration of the 30th anniversary in Aachen, EUROAVIA took some important decisions to expand the association’s objectives. Among such improvements they find: giving students the possibility to experience European exchanges, the organization of practical trainings, the creation of a platform for engineering market, finding a way to remain in contact after graduating, and others.
Finally, an Extra Congress was organized by the C.C. (from the 31st November to the 3rd December). There was the need to redefine the new statutes of the association since the Swedish Local Group was against the old one. In this occasion, the members decided to organize two congresses every year: the Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress (EMEAC) and the Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress (AMEAC).

By the end of the 90’s decade, the Statutes and Bylaws were officially registered in Delft and the decision to create a formation project was taken. The formation project’s aim was to avoid the loss of information through time and avoid the lack of know-how inside the association, to allow the association to reach its goals. The first one was held on Lisbon in 2000.
Moreover, EUROAVIA became an affiliated member of the European Space Agency (ESA), which opened a lot of opportunities to its members.
This new millennium came also with brand new events hosted by different Local Groups. Some examples are the Air Cargo Challenge, first held in Lisbon in 2007; the Rocket Workshop, first held in Cluj-Napoca in 2016; the Leadership Workshop, first held in Napoli in the same year; and the first Train New Trainers (TNT), first held in Bucharest in 2018.