About this partner

Eurisy is a non-profit association founded in 1989 by Hubert Curien, then France’s Minister of Education and considered “The Father of Ariane” by many in the space community. Eurisy’s Members include most space agencies or governmental offices in charge of space affairs in Europe, and international organisations dealing with space matters. The mission of Eurisy is to bridge space and society. To fulfil its scope, Eurisy stimulates and supports dialogue and collaboration between public institutions, SMEs, industry and academia from the space and non-space sectors. The goal is to build solid relations with communities new to space, encouraging early adopters to share experiences and creating a common ground for exchange for professionals from different backgrounds. Aiming at maximising the impact of space-derived innovation and the resulting benefits for society, as well as the economy and the environment, Eurisy developed a User Programme designed to engage professional user communities with operational and pre-operational services, in several ways:

• by raising public awareness of the benefits of satellite applications, in particular deriving from technology innovation in satellite navigation, communication and Earth Observation;

• by surveying the needs of professional communities in their working context and providing bottom-up feedback to our Members, partners and decision makers at local, national and European levels;

• by supporting the uptake of satellite applications and by facilitating dialogue between professional user communities and the space community. Eurisy’s unique membership structure of institutional organisations acting collectively as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, guarantees Eurisy’s independence and neutrality – and therefore the legitimacy needed to facilitate cooperation across professional sectors.