About Department de Recerca i Universitats

The Ministry of Research and Universities (REU), before called Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge, is the department of the Government of Catalonia responsible for developing and implementing the government policy on universities as well as on scientific research, technological development and innovation in all sectors. Funding for Universities, research and innovation is also provided by the REU, and administered through different Government Agencies. Among the main objectives of the ministry, is to promote a culture of lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling people in Catalonia and building strong skills partnerships both at regional and international level.

The Catalan Government promotes the development and implementation of the NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia, which was approved on October 27 2020. This Strategy rolls out a programme of specific actions to strengthen the Catalan NewSpace ecosystem and lead the generation of knowledge, its social and business application, and the creation of new solutions based on data provided by the use of new technologies, in order to stimulate economic growth and improve people’s lives.

The Strategy acts as a driving force for the space sector to promote an innovation pole in an area with a great capacity for growth, wealth generation and qualified jobs —including skills development and talent trained in Catalonia—, as well as a technological innovative market. NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia is coordinated by the Ministry of Digital Policies with the support of the lnstitute of Space Studies of Catalonia (R+D+I center on space science and technology), the i2CAT Foundation (R+D+I center on advanced digital technologies) and the Cartographic and Geological lnstitute of Catalonia (Government entity on geodesy, cartography), and in collaboration with several Ministries, among them the REU.