About AZULchain

AZULChain operates as a Digital Competence Centre, empowering individuals and organisations in using new technologies in their learning and human resources management workflows.

AZULChain is a new innovative company that operates a digital platform to manage workflows for issuing microcredential. The process is an evidence based evaluation that collects evidence from the activities performed by the learner and issues the microcredential when all the requirements are satisfied.

AZULChain also operates in the creation of websites, web communities, web-app and e-commerce solutions for a different range of clients, such as private companies or public institutions.

The role of AZULChain in the project is focused on the development of microcredentials, which is the main scope of the organisation.

The experiences of the company in the microcredential platform will be used to create the microcredential system to design, test and validate the structure of the microcredentials according to results of the analysis conducted in the dedicated work packages.

The phase of defining curricula and training programmes on the basis of the skills needs analysis, will be the one in which Azulchain’s role will be strategic in defining the methodology, operational modalities and technical implementation of the flow of activities that will lead to the controlled release of microcredentials on blockchain

The expertise of the senior developer with the Poligon blockchain environment and with the solidity code will allow to build an effective platform, in which microcredentials are set, activated and issued to the player.

The pedagogical aspects are controlled by senior experts in the evaluation of competencies, who will support partners in defining the structure of the microcredentials, in terms of learning outcomes to be acquired and in terms of evidences which will be produced by the game.

Another aspect ensured by the expert will be the strong connection between learning outcomes and relevant repository of skills like ESCO, with the aim to ensure the maximum level of recognition by external authorities and stakeholders.